Expansion Project

May the blessings of Baba outpour and outpour and submerge you totally in His love in His protection.
Change is beautiful change keeps us on our toes change is challenging and change is the only thing permanent. Our loving Baba the Master who commands it all has called for another change in our temple - our main temple hall would expand to accommodate dhuni and office space.

With our humble request some of the Baba children attended the city hearing in Montebello on Feb 2nd 2010. And to the delight of devotees our temple received the initial approval during the hearing. Here goes the official message

'On February 2nd 2010 a public hearing was held by the City of Montebello in response to our request for temple hall expansion. The City approved our request to expand the hall by another 25 feet on the East side towards the alley. This expansion will help us for the installation of Dhuni and for the office space. The architectural drawings are in progress. The construction will begin shortly after the final approval from the city.'

We request the devotees Baba's children to help in whatever capacity they can. ONLINE DONATION
For more details on the expansion project can be found