Temple Priest

Pundit Tagoorji

Priest is a key role in our temple providing services to Baba and taking care of Baba's devotees. Sai Satcharitra gives several instances of this unique relationship of priest and God. To name a few : Mhalsapati first addressed Baba as 'Ya Sai' and hence forward, He was called Sai Baba. Again Mahalsapati in 1866 AD, sat with Baba's body on his lap for 3 days. Baba took his prana high and later returned to life.

A little about our Baba temple priest - Pt Toleti Tagoorji Shastri jee, commonly called Pt Tagoor jee. He comes from a family of priest through generation. He was born and brought up in Kurumaddali village near Vijaywada in AP, India. At a young age of 7, he started attending puja and deeksha with his grandfather and father. He was very closely bonded to his guru Late Sri Balabhaskar Sharma jee. Pandit jee studied law (B.Sc LLB) and also had formal priest education (specialization in Savagamam Vedam, Shastri). Prior to coming to USA, Pt jee served as priest in Baba temple in Vijaywada KCP Colony for 7 years. He also worked briefly in law field. Pt jee is very proficient in several pujas, including Baba pujas. As a person, he is very soft spoken, kind hearted and ever ready in service of devotees. We are fortunate to have him with us in our Baba temple.

Tagoorji can be reached via Mobile 270-799-0791

Pundit Srinivasa Kumar

Shirdi Sai Baba, was an Indian spiritual master who was and is regarded by his devotees as an avatar of God, saint, fakir, and satguru according to their individual proclivities and beliefs. He taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to God and guru. He gave no distinction based on religion or caste.

The ultimate essence of a manís life is to serve the almighty. There tense to be a difference to seek him as a last resort and serve him from the beginning will yield fruits of different kind. Sai Baba whose life and ominous presence even after his Samadhi is full of miracles. To serve that master who insisted that there is ultimately one lord ( sabka malik ek hai ) has alleviated sufferings of his devotees and brought everlasting bliss.

Born into a family of orthodox Vaishnava Brahmin, our priest Mr Srinivasakumarjiís father Mr. Sundararaja Iyengar was a staunch devotee of lord Narayana. Srinivasakumarji was instilled with all the values and morals along with his basic education and knowledge of rituals to worship deities in his early years. Furthermore he had learnt Prabhantham atpadasala. After his B.com graduation, Srinivsakumarji had firmly laid his foot into service of the lord by starting as an assistant priest at Lakshmi Narayana temple and then moved to Parthasarathy Perumal Devasthanam. After performing perennial years of homams, poojas and working at temples he subsequently came to Shirdi Sai Baba temple, Los Angeles USA, from Tamilnadu, India. He have performed all home pujas and temple pujas.

He is calm, patient and highly dedicated to his work. We are very happy to have him with us in our Baba temple.

Srinivasakumarji can be reached via Temple Phone 323-721-1772 or Mobile 925 339 6193.
His mail ID sskinusa@gmail.com