Volunteer Guidelines

Please update the Temple and Panditji phone numbers to your mobile. This will be handy when the temple is closed especially for the early morning volunteers.

Temple Phone - (323) 721-1772
Panditji Phone - (270)-799-0791
Temple Manager Phone-(626) 607-6968
Task Details
1st TASK When you go for volunteering,  Please check first with Poojari Ji for any specific help / tasks .
INFORMATION Giving information about temple, Baba..  We try that we NEVER leave the information desk empty i.e someone is always sitting there.
RECEIPT BOOK Give receipt for donation, puja (white receipt to devotee; yellow one stays in the book for temple records
PHONE We attend the temple phone.
TEMPLE FORM  We try to record devotees` (who are not yet receiving temple emails). Information and put it in our temple form.
MONTHLY PLEDGE Devotees who sign up for recurring donation - we tell them about our monthly pledge program and request them to sign the form
VOLUNTEER Some devotees might be interested in volunteering. We tell them about our different volunteering opportunities, different volunteering hours.
NOTICE BOARD AND INFORMATION DESK We try to see that all relevant information related to Baba and temple is cleanly displayed on both notice board and information desk.
We remove any items (from notice board and information desk) which is old/past event info, or which is not related to Baba.
FREE DISTRIBUTION We try to give the devotees CDs, visiting cards, books or anything which is kept for free distribution on our information desk
WISH LIST Some devotees might want to donate in kind. So we tell them what the temple needs (through our wish list). We however clearly specify the exact size and model of what is needed for temple (since we have limited storage, we try to get exactly what we need in temple - not big, not small). We try to see that our wish list is there on information desk and notice board.
PRASADAM We try to see that no devotee leaves without having mahaprasadam outside the temple.
CLEANING INSIDETEMPLE Whenever we find any dirt on carpet, on floor inside the temple, we try to clean it (we clean it quietly without interrupting the devotees).
CLEANING-OUTSIDE THE TEMPLE We try to see that we have adequate paper plates, Spoons, glasses etc outside and food is cleanly arranged.  We empty the trash bag when it is filled up. We  replace the water drum when its empty. We see that tables, chairs etc are all arranged in a tidy manner. We try to see that the surroundings are clean, tidy. We clean the dishes in kitchen.
GARDEN Garden needs watering and weeding. When we are free, we try to attend the garden.
FLOWERS We try to change old/dry flowers in vases or in garlands with the new ones.
PANDIT JEE We keep checking with pandit jee if he needs any help in puja or related activity.
PARKING We try to assist people in parking. As much as possible, we try to encourage people to park in street outside (during rush hours). This way, temple premises can accommodate more people.
CHILDREN We keep an eye on children who are running/playing outside the temple.
BHAJANS We keep playing Baba bhajans in temple ... we change CDs as needed. Please wipe the CD before playing as it may get stuck.
GENERAL INFORMATION Pandit jee - we check with Pandit jee when we have any queries related to Puja etc

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan, Los Angeles - temple website
Volunteer Page
Baba Temple Guestbook , Devotee, Volunteer can register, give feedback
Our temple news group

www.saibaba.org for online purchasing of Baba related books, CDs,
Getting free Sai Satcharitra in multiple languages etc
Wednesday & Friday Volunteers Tasks The cleaning effort is the main one for Wednesday & Friday. There would be very few devotees, so information desk activity would be less. The main task on Wednesday & Friday is having the temple cleaned.

* Using blower outside
* Vacuum cleaner inside ,
* Mopping on white marble around Baba
* Cleaning/arranging kitchen, trash, water filter,
* Garden cleaning - sometimes we find glass and paper and waster lying in our garden

Since lot of devotees start coming from Thursday morning itself, we do not get time on Thursday to clean. The main idea is to clean without interrupting devotees.

Pandit jee / Priest in temple can help locate any/all item needed for the same.