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"Oh, blessed Sad-guru Sai, we bow to You, Who have given happiness to the whole world, accomplished the welfare of the devotees and have removed the affliction of those who have resorted to Your Feet. Being very liberal and being the protector and saviour of the Bhaktas who surrender themselves to You, You incarnate yourself in this world to oblige the people and do them good.- Chapter 38, Sri Sai Satcharitra 
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From our Temple
Dear Devotees, With Baba jee's blessings, our temple today adorns a beautiful new look -
room expansion in front, a place for dhuni, a shikhar on top, new permanent shade.
During the last few months, devotees had a little tough time while in temple (we had insufficient
rest-room facility and drinking water facility during this construction work).
But isn't it all worth, when our eyes fall on the beautiful new home of Baba.
Baba, may your home only grow and grow, may your glitter outshine the brightest sun.
We know, Baba cares little for all this paraphernalia. But like a mother who gets happy
seeing her children dressed beautifully, we too yearn to have Baba's grandiose visible to the world.
We would like to inform our devotees that the inauguration function
i.e Shri Shirdi Sai Shikhara Prathishtapana is scheduled in Summer 2011. We will keep you informed on the exact date and schedule soon
Please come to see Baba on this occassion. And come with your bags empty, for He is there
to shower His blessings in tonnes and tonnes.
Baba bless you.
Life of Sai Baba
Success Begets Success
As Baba's having wealth and a royal darbar was misunderstood by some, we are obliged to stress again the following facts that prove that Baba was a Janaka Maharaja and continued to be a Divine Samartha Sadguru carrying on the noble work referred to already.
Baba had no attachment and so could handle wealth and make it run into and out of his hands without danger of being tainted. He was a perfectly realised soul in the perfect laya stage as disclosed by his words Main Allahum that is Aham Brahmasmi. For such a person, Srimad Bhagavata says, danger of attachment does not arise. Baba told the sadhu Devadas59 that fakirs and hermits must avoid the upadhis, namely, Moha and pomp. But in Baba's case, at the latter end of his life, pomp was thrust upon him and had a useful purpose to serve. Till then Baba avoided pomp. He would not even sit on a chair or lie on a cot, but sat and slept upon a sack cloth or gunny mattress placed on the floor. He would not put on his head the crown or regal dress when the devotees wanting him to look like a Maharaja, brought these for him. Nor would he accept or allow other royal insignia upon his person. When a silver-plated palanquin was brought to him with its small silver horses as appurtenances, he refused to receive it, and said that he did not want to sit in it. The devotees then said that he need not sit in it, but that his picture would be placed in it, and that it will be used for the procession. Even then he would not allow the palanquin into the Dwarakamayee, and so they had to leave . the palanquin in the open yard in front of his Mosque. At night some of the silver horses were stolen. The devotees noting it were very sad, and came to complain of it to Baba. But Baba asked them, "I say, why was not the whole palanquin stolen?" That is, to Baba it was a matter of utter indifference whether palanquins or silver articles or any other things were provided or not provided, were stolen or remained safe. He lived as a true sanyasi up to the end of his life on Bhiksha food. Of course, it is well known that when people go out for begging bread, all sorts of things, insipid, or even partly rotten, are given as Bhiksha especially to beggars. In the case of Baba, who enjoyed more respect than beggars, rotten things would not be showered on him, but many people, who were content to eat rather ill cooked and tasteless or insipid food, would bestow part of their stuff upon Baba also.
Yad annah purush bhavati,
 tadannah    tasya devatah
that is, what we eat, we give to God. That is why the hermit is directed in Uddhava Gita6"
Stokam Stokam Graset Grasam
Deho Varteta Yavata
Grihan ahimsan Atishtet
 Vrittim Madhukarim Munih
this means, the sage should observe the Madhukari system in begging for food. He must take little doles from several houses, without taxing them too much. He must take only what is absolutely needed to keep body and soul together.
(Source: Life of Sai Baba by Sri B V Narasimha Swamy -
About Shirdi

After Baba took Mahasamadhi on 15Ih October, 1918, (Tuesday) at 2.30 PM His body was laid on this wooden cot for three days, till 17Ih October, 1918 (Thursday). As there were differences between His devotees as to where to intern Him (Ref. ESS, Ch. XLIII & XLIV), on this wooden cot His 'ast bath was performed. With due formalities His body was brought in procession to Dagdi Wada (Samadhi Mandir). In the Garbha Gruh i.e. central portion reserved for Murlidhar "is samadhi was made.
This cot was previously in Dwarakamai now it is housed in the Chavadi. Every Thursday it is taken out and placed in front of the Chavadi and Baba's palki is placed on it. After Arati this cot is placed along the western wall of the Chavadi.
Source - Adopted from Ambrosia In Shirdi by Dr.Vinny Chitluri, this book can be read
at and this book is a
virtual guide on Shirdi with lots of rare photos on Baba
Sai Baba Sayings

True Happiness
114. Question by N G Chandorkar: Joys and sorrows of samsara disturb one so much. Should we not renounce samsara therefore?
Answer by Baba: Joy and sorrow are mere delusion. Mere appearance of worldly joy is not true happiness. The worldly man is forcibly drawn to it, as he believes it to be true happiness. According to the Prarabdha of each, one gets delicacies (Panchamrita), one, stale crumbs, and one, mere bran-gruel. the latter fancy themselves unhappy at that, and the former fancies he lacks nothing. But the result of eating any of these is merely the satisfaction of hunger. some cover themselves with laced shawls, others with barks. Both serve only one purpose, covering the body. This joy and this sorrow is due to opinion, which is mere illusion and is ruinous. Whenever any idea of joy or sorrow arises in your mind, resist it. Do not give room to it. It is pure delusion.
The ‘Shadripus’ i.e., Lust, Anger, Covetousness, Delusion, Pride and Jealousy) are all delusive. they make the unreal appear as real. if a rich man wears a gold ornament, the poor man gets jealous, and thinks he must have one. This is Lobha.
All are like this. so one must conquer the six enemies. if they are conquered, waves of passion will not arise. Else they will enslave you. If they are sub-ordinated and reason made the commandant, then the delusive pressures and pains will no longer hold sway over you.

Sai Babas Charters and Sayings
From the book (The God and the Apostle) - By Pujyasri B.V.Narasimhaswamy
Published by All India Sal SamaJ, Chennai.
Experiences, Saileela
(10th. 20th, 25th, 28th MAY 1936)
Professor G.G. narke, m.a.,(cal.), Profes­sor of Geology & Chemistry in College of Engineering, Deccan Gymkhana, age 53, Brahmin, Poona.says :
Experiences with saints and progress In one's spiri­tual affairs cannot be revealed. According to the (hackneyed) saying of Kabir ‘What one has got, he keeps secret.' This has been the strict injuction of my teacher Sri Sal Baba. The mouth instinctively closes when I try to men­tion my experiences. I can and may give some superficial account of occurrences and things concerning Sal Baba. These are well-known and no rule of secrecy is violated thereby. But they are chair and hardly worth any trouble to write or talk about. Yet as you are keen after any bit of information I shall mention some of such facts. Of course, the deepest experience one has is Incabable of utterance, apart from any question of rules of secrecy.
In the first place, you see I have placed Sai Baba amongst the house-hold Gods we worship daily at home. Sai Baba is God - not an ordinary Satpurusha. The divine gleam in Sal's eyes denotes that He Is the Satpurusha. His powers and actions were wonderful. I will give a chronological ac­count of my spiritual leanings and how I came into contact with Sal Baba.
My early surroundings promoted faith in Sal Baba. My father-in-law, Mr.Buty, my wife and my mother were all great devotees of Sai Baba and worshipped him as God. I used to read Jnaneswari and other works which deal with
greatness of Satpurushas.
In 1907-9 I was at Calcutta and was trained in Geo­logical survey and {as a scholar from C.P.) I had got my MA. in 1905. I was sent in 1909 as State Scholar of Govt.of India to Manchester where I stayed till 1912 and got my
M.Sc in Geology and Mining. I came back in August 1912. My wife, mother and my father-in-law were often at Shirdi and they wrote to me to go over to Shirdi to pay my respects to Sal Baba. I wrote back to say that I would go, if Baba wanted me. My father-in-law then asked Baba and wrote to me that Baba wanted me. So I went to Shirdi in April 1913. Baba was very kind to my relations. He would jump up (occasion­ally) and play a jig, as it were, before my mother, showing how happy he was to see my mother. Mr. Madhava Rao Deshpande went with me and introduced me for the first time to Sai Baba. Baba replied "You introduce him to me! / have known him for thirty generations." What wonderful knowledge of the past was this!
The first impression I got of Sal Baba was from his eyes. They pierced me through and through. And his image as seated at the Chavadi has left an indelible impression on my heart. As for the inner experiences they gradually grew upon me. First, I fell in with the current and did my Seva (i.e., service) to Baba and attended the Aratis, etc. At an Aratl, in my early visit Sai Baba was in a towering passion. He fumed, cursed and threatened for no visible cause. I doubted if he was a mad man. That was a passing thought. The Arati was completed in the usual way. In the afternoon (of that day), I went and massaged his feet and legs. Then he stroked my head and said "/ am not mad". Lo! He is seeing my heart. Nothing is concealed from Him. He is my Antar-yami-the inner Soul of my soul," I thought. Thenceforward, numerous instances occurred in my own experience of his Antaryamitwa. When he talked, he spoke as one seated in my heart knowing all its thoughts, all its wishes, etc. This is God within. I had no hesitation in deciding that he was god. I tested him at times. Each test produced the same conviction that he was all knowing, all seeing and able to mould all things to his will. A few instances out of hundreds may be cited here which showed that nothing was beyond Him or concealed from Him, in the past, present and future.
In 1913, Baba told me that my father-in-low would build a Dagdiwada,(le., a stone edifice) at Shirdi and that / would be in charge of it It was only in 1915-16 that my father-in-law began to build it, (i.e., the building in which Baba's tomb is erected) and it was after 1918-19,1 was one of the Trustees in charge of that tomb.