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Prayers are often a way to express gratitude, seek guidance, and ask for healing and protection. By uniting to pray, people can share in the emotion of each other’s petitions, and be inspired to seek deeper understanding of their faith. 

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May 2024

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Vimana Gopuram
Maha Kumbhabhishekam - 2023

Thursday, June 29,2023 – Sunday July 2, 2023

Pooja Offerings

Temple Services

Pooja is  a time for connecting with the divine and seeking peace and solace. It reflect our life and our relationship with the divine


Abhishekam & BABA Cloth Offering

Abhishekam bestows health, wealth, prosperity, progeny, etc. Abhishekam is most auspicious. MATERIALS FOR ABHISHEK : Pure water, milk, sugarcane juice, lemon juic, ghee, honey, waters of sacred rivers, sea water, Kush water, rice powder, cooked rice, Panchaamrit, Panchgavya.

Contribution Starting From $51

Sahasranama Archana

Reciting this sahasranama helps one to relax negative thoughts and reduce worries. It also helps in the receiving peace in the mind and helps one channelize their thoughts towards positivity. It removes the obstacles and problems faced and help the lives of the devotees to aspire success.

Contribution Starting at $51

Navagraha Homam

Making a person’s life favorable. Ensuring a successful career. It is a remedy for those who are craving for a happy married life or are affected by the delay in a child’s birth. Benefits to the people facing stuck ups in business and personal life.

Contribution Starting From $200

Ashtotranama Archana

If one does archana in his name, he accumulates Punya palan and thereby he or she is bound to prosper, but by doing Archanai in the name of God Himself, the palan of that Archanai goes to God Himself and there is no residue left with that person to be reborn.

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